2017 All-VYPE Private School Football Team

VYPE-area private schools made it a successful 2017 football season. Cypress Christian and Kinkaid won TAPPS and SPC respectively, St. Pius X, Legacy Prep, Episcopal and The Village School were runners-up, and Baytown Christian, Brazos Christian and Faith West were state semifinalists. Check out the 2017 all-VYPE private school football team to see the players and coaches who made it a year to remember!


Gunnell will lead Pius again in 2018.

Private School MVP: St. Pius X QB Grant Gunnell

Coach of the Year: Cypress Christian’s Jacob Spenn

First-Team All-VYPE:

OL Tyler Vrabel (St. Pius X)

OL Noah Barboza (Concordia Lutheran)

OL Victor Curne (Second Baptist)

OL McKade Mettauer (St. Pius X)

OL Max Banes (St. Thomas)

QB Josh Holl (Cypress Christian)

RB Kaleb Ducros (St. Pius X)

RB Deion Smith (Second Baptist)

WR Jalen Curry (St. Pius X)

WR Jacob Jefferson (St. Pius X)

WR Jaylen Waddle (Episcopal)

ATH Colin Howard (Concordia Lutheran)

TE Brendan Hurley (Concordia Lutheran)

K Connor Spiller (St. Pius X)

DL Jacob Craig (St. Pius X)

DL Benil Johnson (St. Pius X)

DL Foster Dowling (Concordia Lutheran)

DL Ameer Mustafa (Kinkaid)

LB Bruno Forestieri (St. Pius X)

LB Pierce Labrada (Concordia Lutheran)

LB Kristopher Brolan (St. Thomas)

DB Ricky Lester (St. Pius X)

DB TayJon Martin (Episcopal)

DB Jackson Reece (St. Thomas)

DB Jayvon Hill (Westbury Christian)

P Peyton Matocha (St. Thomas)

Second-Team All-VYPE:

OL Nicholas Van de Graaf (Concordia Lutheran)

OL Brant Banks (Westbury Christian)

OL Jared McDonald (Fort Bend Christian)

OL Donovan Jackson (Houston Christian)

OL Logan Hall (Second Baptist)

OL Foster Paulsen (Cypress Christian)

QB Peyton Matocha (St. Thomas)

RB Kendahl Ross (Concordia Lutheran)

RB Johnathon Thomas (Kinkaid)

WR Chase Lane (St. Pius X)

WR Joseph Carbone (Cypress Christian)

ATH Anthony MacKenzie (Second Baptist)

TE Tyler Ondrusek (Westbury Christian)

K Hayden Rome (Kinkaid)

DL Joseph Harper (Westbury Christian)

DL Chris Hannon (Second Baptist)

DL Wesley Hong (Cypress Christian)

DL Isaac Beeman (Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy)

LB John Saucer (Episcopal)

LB Kamal Nader (Kinkaid)

LB Christian Harper (Westbury Christian)

DB Jordan Wells (Episcopal)

DB Grant Dore (Second Baptist)

DB Casey Hampton (Westbury Christian)

DB John Ethan Baldwin (Cypress Christian)

P Blake Griffin (Brazos Christian)

All-VYPE Honorable Mention:

OL Garrett Fowler (Brazos Christian)

OL Carter Jones (Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy)

OL Braeden Kobza (Rosehill Christian)

OL Patrick Smith (The Village School)

OL Jacob Baudler (St. John XXIII)

QB Wesley Gow (St. John’s)

RB Jaylen Davis (Episcopal)

RB Ian Wheeler (St. Thomas)

WR Curtis Teichman (Lutheran South)

WR Logan Leax (John Cooper)

ATH Christian Fleischhauer (Cypress Christian)

TE Joey Robinson (Faith West)

K Isaiah Alonzo (Westbury Christian)

DL Jimmy Walker (Lutheran High North)

DL Ben Weber (Brazos Christian)

DL Garri Smith (The Village School)

DL Benjamin Grinestaff (Faith West)

LB Adam Harter (Kinkaid)

LB Matt Krehbiel (John Cooper)

LB Austin McDonald (Houston Christian)

DB Jared May (Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy)

DB Isaiah Saenz (Brazos Christian)

DB Keagan Theron (The Village School)

DB Ian Craig (St. John XXIII)

P Jack Granack (Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy)

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