Chavez wins big in the game no one cared about

Despite being in a game where neither team was competing for a playoff spot or a district title, Chavez and Sam Houston still had everything to play for in their final game of the season.

Stephon Ashby, Chavez senior defensive back.

Stephon Ashby, Chavez senior defensive back.

Chavez was looking for their first win of this season and Sam Houston whose already won this year was looking for their first district win in 13 years.

At the start of the game, both teams scored on their opening drives.

Starting with the opening kickoff, a 92-yard kickoff return was taken to the house by senior defensive back Stephon Ashby to put Chavez up 7-0.

“It felt good to start the game off like that as a senior,” Ashby said, “I was hoping I could score another one.”

For Sam Houston, when they took the field their score would come by way of a 42-yard touchdown run by senior quarterback Michael Green that tied the game at 7-7.

The opening of the game made you think that both teams’ personal motivations would have them scoring back and forth, but the game didn’t unfold that way.

Eight Scoring Possessions

Following Chavez’s kick return touchdown by Ashby they had eight more possessions in the first half and scored on all of them.

In the first half, Chavez had six different players score touchdowns:

Stephon Ashby (Sr.)  23-rushing TD

Dominic Franklin (Sr.) 42-yard rushing TD; 40-yard rushing TD

Jalen Brown (Jr) 55-yard rushing TD; 62-yard rushing TD

Tyren Collins (Jr) 37-yard rushing TD

Vincent Moore (Jr) 40-yard rushing TD

Kamron Phillips (So) 6-yard rushing TD

Chavez football team.

Chavez football team.

At halftime, Chavez’s hunger to get their first win of the season fueled them to a 63-10 lead.

To prevent the score from getting any more out of hand, the officials let the clock run and only stopped it during timeouts and touchdowns in the second half.

83 Points

Coming into the second half, Chavez head coach Cory Jiles said that it was all about “sending the seniors out in style.”

Jalen Brown, Chavez junior running back.

Jalen Brown, Chavez junior running back.

In the second half, junior Nicolas Vera became the seventh player to score a touchdown for Chavez while juniors Jalen Brown and Tyren Collins added on to their touchdown totals.

Out of all the touchdowns scored, junior running back Brown scored the most touchdowns for Chavez, he had three.

“I was trying to go hard out there for the seniors,” Brown said with a smile. “I wanted to send them off with a bang.”

Though it’s fair to say the game was decided by halftime, Sam Houston kept fighting in the second half.

Senior quarterback Green accounted for all three of Sam Houston’s touchdowns. He rushed for one touchdown in the first half. The other two touchdowns were in the second half off a 37-yard pass and a 22-yard run.

Sam Houston finished with 23 points, but obviously it doesn’t compare to Chavez’s 83 points.

Yes, 83 points! That is no typo.

Building for Next Year

Though Chavez ran up the score, it wasn’t done with the intentions to try and embarrass Sam Houston.

Cory Jiles, Chavez head football coach.

Cory Jiles, Chavez head football coach.

“I know how it feels to be on the losing end of big scores like the one we had today,” Jiles said. “So the score isn’t an indication of us trying to make Sam Houston look bad. I was just trying to give players who haven’t played much this year a chance to get in and get a few touches.”

Chavez’s win makes them 1-7 as they accomplished sending the seniors out in style and avoiding a winless season.

But apart from accomplishing those two things, Jiles thinks their one win will also ignite a successful start for next year.

“It’s like a catapult,” Jiles said. “This win carries over into the offseason and into spring training. It gives us a solid foundation to build from as we prepare for next season.”

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