Eric Mixon joins MacArthur’s football team

A new football era is quietly forming at MacArthur High School.

It began with the new head coach Wayne Crawford, and now an unexpected addition has come to the team in Eric Mixon.

Mixon is a 6 feet 210-pound sophomore who is a triple threat on the football field.

He primarily plays linebacker, but if need be Mixon can wreak havoc playing on the D-Line and at the running back position.

“My eyes are what make me good at football,” Mixon said. “I can see the hole before it opens and beat the runner to the punch.”

Eric Mixon. MacArthur linebacker

Eric Mixon. MacArthur linebacker

Mixon’s eyes and instinct on the field have D1 colleges already checking him out, but what else works in his favor for being recruited is his grades.

Mixon stays on the honor roll as an A and B student and his favorite subjects are Math and English.

Mixon’s high school career started with North Shore, but due to unfortunate life circumstances, Mixon had to move near the Aldine area.

North Shore is where Mixon started to build his name, but now that he’s been signed off to play as a General, MacArthur is where Mixon plans to solidify his name.

“I’m trying to be a leader when I first come in,” Mixon said about playing for MacArthur. “We’re going to do something nice this year.”

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