So long, and thanks for all the fish: A farewell to Houston Sports and Stuff

If you get the reference in the headline, you probably loved reading this site. If you don’t, it refers to the Douglas Adams novel of the same name. Dolphins left Earth shortly before it was destroyed, and tried to send that message to the humans, who of course did not understand it.

We started this site as a place to just post a few articles of mine. It quickly grew into a site that allowed young talent to blossom and provide entertainment. So many talented new writers have come through this site; it is simply amazing how fast we grew.

But Harvey proved costly in that we lost major sponsorship, and the site no longer was profitable. We have been hoping to land a replacement, but it simply has not happened. That plus the extortionist threat of a copyright infringement lawsuit (I am confident we will prevail) has simply made continuing to do the site problematic.

So Thursday night, we will take houstonsportsandstuff down for good. If you have a favorite article you wish to keep, please copy it before then. My fiction and attempts at humor will revert to my old blog, Most of our writers will continue to produce great content on (please follow on Twitter @sportsmaphou).

I had hoped the sites could co-exist, and that there was room for both. I still believe that. But the factors listed above were too much to overcome. I hope that in the time we have been here, we entertained you, gave you some winners, maybe enraged you on occasion, and introduced you to some talented new people. It’s been an absolute blast, and I am sad to see it end. Thanks to everyone who wrote for the site, read the site and became part of the HS&S family.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.






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