Soccer Playoff Preview: Benjamin Davis vs. Klein Oak (Girls)

Many wouldn’t expect Benjamin Davis and Klein Oak to be a rival game considering how far apart the teams are geographically.

But despite the distance, both teams have met in the first round of the playoffs all season long.

It started with Davis’ football team meeting Klein Oak in the first round, and then the girl basketball teams met.

Davis lost in the football and basketball games and they also lost in similar situations.

For the football team they were in control for majority of the game, but then lost to a blocked field goal and a last-second touchdown.

Davis’ girls basketball team also lost due to a last-second play after having control of the game for most of the second half.

Benjamin Davis Girls  Soccer Team

Benjamin Davis Girls Soccer Team

Now that both Davis’ football team and girls basketball team have fallen short, next up to face Klein Oak is Davis’ girls soccer team.

The soccer team is aware that Davis has been coming up short against Klein Oak, but coming into the game that’s not all they’re basing their motivation off of.

“We want to focus on what we do,” Mikela Dillon, Davis’ soccer coach said. “Hopefully the third time is the charm.”


Game Details:

Davis vs. Klein Oak @ Klein Oak High School

Game starts at 6:00 P.M.

Read more at VYPE.

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