Texans push the Cush out the door

By Brien O’Donal


Brian Cushing, the 2009 first round pick has been told that he will be released before the start of the league year on March 14th. A lot of folks are saying it’s about time. He hasn’t been the same since the knee injuries and his veteran presence isn’t worth it anymore. Every team and player in the league knows it’s a game of replacement and the Texans finally have the talent to send Cushing on his way with a half-hearted thanks for playing.

Cushing is coming off a disappointing season in which he was suspended 10 games for a PED violation. That was probably the final nail in a coffin that was already being boarded up after a down year in 2016. His contract was worth $8.84 million this year and the savings will be $7.64 million against the cap. That’s a very useful amount for a team that has a lot of holes to be patched.

I really like this move. The Texans will now have over $60 million in cap space headed into free agency and without the early round draft picks they will be going after as many of the big names as they can. I have to think they’ve learned a valuable lesson from last offseason when they sat on their hands while the best offensive linemen and secondary players signed elsewhere.

If this is how the new front office is going to play it then things might be looking up in Houston. They have the quarterback and receiver combo and some big time players on the defensive front seven. All they have to do is infuse some of the top talent in free agency and they could find their way right back in the  mix for a playoff spot in 2018.

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